in love

Ok, so I was on design*sponge the other day and came across this nifty little terrarium, Terrarium No. 35 to be precise. It's in an old Apple Juice bottle and for some reason I have fallen in love. I think it's just the cutest thing I have ever seen. I have been frantically scanning the pages of Etsy in search of others & to no surprise their are a million bazillion terrariums out there available for purchase. I also fell in love with a cute little terrarium with little red mushrooms, click here to check it out. I was on the verge of placing my order when that (lethal) little voice rang out in my brain-I could totally do this myself. Lord help me because that voice is going to one day be the death of me. The only thing it is good for are mini "Martha Moments" as I like to call them-yes, that is a Martha Stewart reference. I have googled moss and I actually found a 'recipe' to make your own moss goopy stuff that you can poor over different things and it will eventually begin to cover their surface. I'm leaving this Friday for 2 weeks so this adventure will obviously not start until after then. Moss has to be pretty hard to kill-right?! For some reason I like to pretend to have a green thumb every now and then. We'll see if I stick to my guns. Don't get your hopes up. But hey, the terrariums are super cute!

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