what a wonderful day...

I just wanted to say that last Wednesday was such a wonderful day for one reason: I got to speak to all three of my favorite girlfriends from the early GSU/ADPi days-in one night! I am sure many of you understand what a rare happening this is. When you graduate from college and go your separate ways it eventually seems impossible to speak to all of those friends on a regular basis, that is unless you live near one another.....which we do not. I was caught up on every one's craziness and life in general. I believe we all have a very exciting year ahead of us and I can't wait for us to finally be able to get together over the Holidays. It was almost as if I was sitting on the back porch in Hawthorne.....good times, good times. Love you girls!

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Lindsay Hopes. said...

Merr!! Ugh i just miss you so much! And btw - that pic is horrible! I was pretty shmammered and do not really remember much of that night - like most nights that year hahahaha.