Sighting: Jeff Francoeur

The Atlanta Braves Outfielder (#7) was spotted enjoying good music, drinks & fun last night at Old Florida Fish House in Seagrove, Florida-aka-across the parking lot! Luckily he decided to venture out on our weekly 'girl's sushi night'!! Unfortunately for most of the ladies in our group....they were out of town or unable to attend. So, that left all of the 'stalking' up to Rebecca & I. Kidding. Kidding. I heard that Mega Boo was slightly obsessed & tried to muster up the courage to go ask for an autograph for her, however, he was accompanied by his wife (didn't know he was married until a little googling this morning) and no one really wanted to bother him. I did hear a bit of gossip that he is purchasing a house in the area??? This is the third time he has frequented the Fish House here lately so hopefully he will become a frequent fixture in this area during the off season. Keep your fingers crossed ladies because he is mighty easy on the eyes.

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