origami crane

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to attempt to make several origami cranes to place in my Christmas tree this year. I have still not decided if they will be simple, crisp & white or made with fun funky paper. I caught myself in Micheal's the other day wandering through the scrap booking section (eek!) and ended up walking away with my head swirling with ideas for paper selection. All of a sudden I felt all of this pressure to rush my decision & begin my crane folding. Luckily, I realized that it is only October 20-something and that there is no rush on this pending project. So I 'googled' a few images, found some instructions and even better: an instructional video on You-tube!! I decided that it was time to test the waters and made my first attempt at folding a crane. I am not sharing photos of my first attempts (Post-Its make TERRIBLE origami paper, fyi), but I have to say that considering my supplies and lack of experience I do not think they turned out all that terrible. I think this origami thing is really going to happen. It carries such a great message with it too. Perhaps I shall share that soon??

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