birthdays, bonfires & the boggy bayou

This was such an amazing, jam-packed weekend. There is a definite chill in the air these days and it's rather exciting. Lots and lots going on everywhere you turn. The weekend actually started a little early with a crazy Thursday night consisting of a Panhandle Network gathering at Pizza by the Sea, followed by our weekly girls' 'Grey's' night (champagne & ice cream are so complimentary to the pizza we dined on that evening-right??). When the Friday work-day was finally over we all bum-rushed Chop's in Seacrest beach to begin our birthday adventure in honor of Brian Peterson's b-day. The progressive dinner (great planning AK!) moved from Chop's to Gravel Road for dinner, followed by Borago's for dessert and finally Bud & Alley's for a little fun. After a quick recovery Saturday morning, we all dusted off our winter coats and headed down to Ed Walline Park in Dune Allen Beach for a little Oyster Roast & Beach bonfire. That night was all about great food, good company and relaxing fireside. And Sunday was no day of rest.....mid-afternoon I headed to Niceville, Florida (the former Boggy Bayou) for the annual Mullet Festival. And no, it is not in reference to the hair style, but the fish. Libby, Lindsey & I had a great time riding fair rides like we were kids again, stuffing our faces w/ funnel cakes and enjoying the wonderful musical styling of Sara Evans! So thankful for the great weekend & wishing it wasn't Monday yet.

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