new home for butler

This post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure I gave you all an update: Butler found a new home!! Many of you know my strong love for animals and that my pets are my children. You also know that it takes me a mere 5 minutes to become attached to one as well. The sad, sad day (posted below) was even worse than I had expected. Janice from the ECGRR spent about an hour getting to know Butler & I before she made her departure to take him on his newest journey. I am so thankful that Meg & Catfish were there to comfort me that evening because it was even tougher than I had imagined! Thankfully, Janice took him on Tuesday & he was in his new home that very Friday! What a relief. I was a mess worrying that he would bounce from foster home to foster home. The picture above is of Butler (they returned to his previous name of Rocco) with his new brother, Uncle Jack. Apparently they are having a wonderful time and Butler is on his best behavior now that he has Uncle Jack to keep him in line all day. I wish not to jinx myself here, but I do believe that I will have some very happy doggie news come this weekend. Stay posted....

......and once again please check out the ECGRR website for Golden/Lab rescues here.

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