new do

Well, I did it...I cut my hair! Peace out long, wavy, surfer-girlish/just rolled out of bed-look & hello sleek, polished, "grown up" hair. Ok, kind of missed the 6 or 7 inches I lost at the end of last week this a.m. I was running about, hour behind schedule this morning & really missed the idea of a pony tail or a bun. Maybe this do will inspire me to care more about my looks more of the time?? Probably not, but it was a good thought. Any who, loving the do besides all of that babble & knew a few of you wanted to see it. I was channeling that whole Katie Holmes-ish look from a few months ago. Enjoy....and if it's negative I really don't want to hear your opinion, thanks & bye!


Lauren & Eddie said...

I love it! I cut mine off a total of 6 days after the wedding (got rid of 8 inches!) and I'm growing it back out now. I can't get away from the long hair!

Linda said...

Love it!!!!!!!!You look adorgous!!!