Just a few weeks past I had some of my favorite house guest: the family! Madre, Meg & E. Diddy came to spend the weekend & bring me a little Catfish Baby. Moma came to see the sights of 30a last summer and Meg is a seasoned pro with the area. However, Edd had never seen the sights before and its always such a pleasure to introduce people to this area for the first time. The architecture, the food, the fun........all so exciting when you first meet them! I swear we ate our way up and down 30a that weekend and maybe gained 100 pounds collectively. We ate at Old Florida Fishhouse (of course), Breakfast at the Red Bar, lunch at Jambone, dinner at Chops and brunch at Fire. Goodness that was some good eatin'! We visited Rosemary, Alys, Seaside, Grayton Beach and even made it into Grand Boulevard for a little shopping. It was a busy weekend and I think Edd might be coming fishing pole in tow next go round. Cant wait till you guys come back! Love!

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Lindsay Hopes. said...

girl you know i love it when you speak spanish ahaha