come & have a seat

And speaking of my many travels-oh my! Check out my brand new outdoor metal chairs. These chairs belonged to (try to keep up) my father's mother's parents. Make sense? good. They were always on the covered porch at the old "home place" deep in the mountains of Virginia. They would venture out into the yard for family reunions & gatherings. I even found a picture at the reunion of my aunt pat as a baby perched upon one of these chairs. I'll try to share it soon. And many, many thanks to my wonderful Aunt Connie (dad's mother's sister-not the twin) that has had these safely nesting in her basement waiting for their next home. I am so honored to have this little piece of that house. I was so young when Grandma & Grandpa Williams passed away, but lucky to of been just old enough to vaguely remember them and the old "home place". You would not believe what great condition they are in. There is some slight rusting on the arm rests, but nothing a little sandpaper & Rustoleum will not fix. Great....another project!? Needless to say they are currently just hanging out on my balcony turned work shop with ye old pie safe longing for some good old TLC. I'm coming gang, promise.

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