so southern & so perfectly proper

Stumbled across a strange buisness card in the shop and discovered this website and fell in love. These girls have the cutest black lab, Beau, and the cutest patterns for men's ties & bow ties as well. Their main logo incorporates their boy Beau in his precious red collar...just like Lucky Dog use to adorn. Red is so perfect for a gorgeous ebony boy like Beau & Lucky. This posting isn't only a Lucky throw back, but also a nod to my Southern heritage. Check out these patterns: Live Oaks, Bulldogs, Peanuts, Labs (of all colors) and Cotton! I already want to get one of each for my Dad, Papa, Lee & E.Diddy! Looks like I already have Christmas, Birthdays & Father's Day covered for all three now (Lee-forget about this post!). I also have to share these with Lulu for Jim because they live on Live Oak St. here in Seagrove. Almost any man in my life would love the UGA themed tie. My Dad would love the peanuts & the cotton would be so perfect for Edd or Lee, and one of them might get the Black Labs in red solely because I do not wear ties....being of the female persuasion & all. I thought this website was a great find. They have a list of all of the retailers that carry their products on their website. There is one in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. & several in the counties surrounding my home town of Tifton, Ga. Check out their huge assortment of men's apparel and precious headbands for the ladies, enjoy......

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