christmas in july...errrr...august?

For some odd reason I have Christmas on the brain lately?! I for once will join the masses this year and venture out to acquire my very first grown-up-decorated my way-big girl Christmas Tree and I can not wait. My apologies already to my family & closest friends if you do not receive a gift this year-or it is terribly cheap, for I fear that all of my spendings from October-December will be on decor for this grand season. I am already stressing as to whether I shall stick to my slightly modern-ish ways or keep it clean & classic?? Fake tree? Real tree? Can you even get those in Florida? So many questions......and for once, so much time! We shall see what comes of this. Thank goodness I can not find Christmas decorations for sale on my usual shopping sites yet or I would be in a major financial debacle already. Meanwhile, hope you too smile while thinking of yummy Christmas cookies, loved ones & a little "fa-la-la-la, la-la-la..."

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