Sighting: Laurie Hickson-Smith

I am sure many of you have no idea who this is....but know that I was more excited to see her walk into our shop today than I would have been if it had been J. Simpson! This is Laurie Hickson-Smith, one of the original designers on the TLC show 'Trading Spaces'. Also, in my opinion, one of the few talented designers to make that show. She was so nice, cheery & SOUTHERN! Her daughter, India, was in with her and was such a doll waving at everyone and telling them high. After helping her check out an armoire for a bit I finally gave in & asked: "aren't you from 'Trading Spaces'??!"-like I didn't know?! She laughed & said yes & we chatted for a bit. Such a nice, normal person. My mother flipped when I called to tell her. That was our show when I was in High School. I really think that show is the only reason she was okay with me going to design school. Lots of designers are very snooty about 'Trading Spaces' including myself after going through school....but you know that you secretly watched that show before you entered a program/design world (if you are younger) and thought-I want to do that! Loved her!


doug said...

what?!? Laurie shops at Tracery?!? wow, we've finally made it. seriously, I think she's very talented.

slugger4 said...

talented, and a huge fan of yellow.

Linda said...

Yeah, she used a lot of yellows and golds, but her biggest color was rusty/oranges.