rise above plastic....again!

I have made up my mind-next pay period & these are mine! As mentioned below, I have been toying with the idea of purchasing reusable grocery bags. Even though our lovely (overpriced and tourist swamped) local Publix has a simple green or neutral version that you can purchase for around one dollar, I feel the need to be a little girlie in this instance & get something cute. I mean, after all, I am going to be using these things each time I go to the grocery store, Wal-Mart and even the up-scale Targete. The Reusable Bags website has a large variety of bags. One could easily become the resident bag lady with one shipment. They have more sturdy canvas bags, bags made of organic materials, feminine & more masculine bags. I am choosing these bags not only because the are oh-so-cute, but because they fold up to be teen-niny! They are only 4" tall with a 1.5" diameter. Plus, they have that nifty little pouch to keep them all in. I am so looking forward to getting rid of the massive collection of plastic bags that are currently residing under my kitchen sink. A word to the wise & those of you that will be lodging at Casa De La Bess this weekend: Do Not Open the cabinets under the kitchen sink!! At this point I believe the bags have formed one large plastic Blob (yes, the creature from the movie) that could possibly over run the world upon release. Speaking of a hostile plastic bag take over-did you know that over 249,930,300,000+ have been used this year! Now think about how many of these plastic bags are in trees, ponds, ditches and landfills across the country. I know that once my new grocery bags come in I will sleep a little easier at night. Not so sure if it will be because of my "good dead" or knowing that the Blob under my counter will be defeated and fed no more!

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