pie safe

This is my latest project-my Great Grandmother's (Mawmaw) Pie Safe. My uncle actually remembers her baking pies during the day & keeping them in the top section with the screened doors so that flies, insects & little fingers couldn't get to them. He said she usually kept canned goods in the bottom "pantry like" section. The really cool feature of this piece is that all of the shelves, drawers, the top & bottom come out/off and there are hinges on the sides so it folds in. I did not do a great job of describing that-but I think it is super cool! My dad painted it white when I was a little girl :( and I think he put a million-bazillion coats on there. So I am now setting up shop on my balcony & trying to sand away every chance I get. Totally keeping the old screen. Dad tried to persuade me to replace it, but I think it adds character. I'm thinking of staining the outside & shelves a darker shade & possibly painting the inside? Maybe an old-school blue color?? hmm.....we shall see....

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