finally...4th of july!

What a fantastic weekend this was. I am still hearing funny new stories here and there that give me the giggles. We had clans come down from all over Georgia & Alabama and all of our rowdy local friends-in one place! t-r-o-u-b-l-e...And we would do it all over again. As you can tell from the glisten everyone is sporting in the pictures it was a little on the hot side. But, no fear, there were plenty of ice cold refreshments to keep everyone hydrated. We were all on the beach all day & the dance floor all night and there was a firework show somewhere in the middle of all that. I think I could relive that night over and over again...but not the next day, eeessh! The girls & I only made it out of bed long enough to scarf down some fantastic Meatloaf sandwiches at Cowgirl Kitchen and then back under the covers we went. Tony (cousin via step mom), who is photographed on stage w/ the guitar, was the proud recipient of this year's game ball. We were so glad to see it stay in the family. He put on a good show on & off stage and deserved that ball hands down! If you are ever lucky enough to be on 30a for the 4th you have to stop by the Live Oak band party-never a dull moment. It's kind of like Christmas-I'm counting down the days until next year....

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