Anna Stephens Smith, May

I have never seen a wedding more fit for a couple and tailored to their lives.The ceremony held under swaying pines down by the quaint pond we all grew up camping at fireside. Everyone seated in white folding chairs with their toes in the crisp green springtime grass. The reception held under an elegant white tent with accents of "blush & bashful" strung throughout. However the piece de resistance was the old red barn. This wedding was elegant and Old South in the most comfortable of ways. As the music played on you could still here the melody of crickets in the backdrop. Children rushing past in white cotton and bare feet more than likely chasing fireflies & leaving nothing but a stream of giggles. The evening was every little girl's dream come true. Anna is one of my oldest & dearest friends and I am just happy to of had a small roll in that day!

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