Amanda Williams Collins, April

Amanda is the older sister of one of my favorite college roommates & all-time partner in crime, Kristy Williams. Through the years I would go to their hometown of Newnan, Ga. and Amanda would come visit Kristy & I in Statesboro. So, it was an honor when I was invited to spend the weekend in Newnan with a few of the GSU & Newnan girls and the entire Williams clan. The ceremony and chapel were gorgeous. The reception was phenomenal and held at a large historic garden on the outskirts of town, very romantic at night with the dim lighting.Amanda, the bride, looked AMAZING...from the hair to the dress to the person....perfect! Bridesmaids & dresses were beautiful, of course! You will notice that Kristy is the only blond bridesmaid & the rest are brunettes. Later on we realized that all of Kristy's girlfriends that were attending were brunettes too. Craziness! The Williams girls must be the smartest I know-surrounding themselves with the most beautiful & intelligent brunettes to roam this world. Hahaha, love you girls!

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