adios amigo

Sad, sad day...Camille has gone back to New Orleans. We all had such a wonderful time with her & can not wait until she comes to visit again! She is going to be the most fabulous art teacher that those kids in New Orleans have ever met. Even though she was only here for 2.5 months it seemed so much longer. We all have so many crazy stories & memories from this summer and I am really sad to see it coming to an end. All to soon Jennifer will be leaving us as well to test the waters in NOLA. All I can say is: ROAD TRIP!! We did try to make Camille's last night in town a fun one...Hello! Chili Cheese fries make ANY night memorable-good or bad. Kidding, Kidding. We (Jen, Camille & myself) had a great time sprawled across an old blanket on the lawn in the Seaside Amphitheater listening to Jones & Company, a local band. Throw in some chili cheese fries, a bottle of wine, & a million little kids running around you & the evening is bound to be full of laughter. The band had an interesting play list that night & that's the nice way of putting it. Yet-fun times prevailed and we had a blast. Miss you Camille!

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