Well, Hello There!

After months & months of exploring various blogs on design, food, fashion & who knows what else....I have decided to take the plunge! I figured what a better way than this to keep my friends, family & whom ever else may be interested in life's little happenings. There are so many of you that I rarely get the occasion to actually speak to via phone call or email enough to keep you updated on the craziness that is life. I can hear the little sister now-"you are so gay." And though that may goes: This is the Sunday before the mayhem truly begins for this Friday is the 4th of July, Independence Day, birth date of our nation's freedom and time to celebrate! Traffic is denser and the tourist are clogging up every bar, restaurant and shop from here to Destin. For some locals this is the time to run away or hibernate. Not so much the case for this brood. With the Tuscaloosa/Buhl crowd swooping in, old 'partners in crime' descending from the Peach State, local crazies, and as many Marshalls, Coopers and Catfishes as one town can handle this is bound to be a colorful weekend! Following the annual Live Oak Band Party it is tradition to pass on The Game Ball. As the proud 2006 recipient I am anxiously awaiting the show that this year's challengers will put on. And, thankfully it is a weekend sans tight bridesmaid dresses, bridal showers, and uncomfortable shoes. I love all of you girls that are tying the knot-but us girls need a break! And I know that they will agree on that note. to beach bumdom. Happy early 4th to you all!


Lauren & Eddie said...

As one of those girls who IS tying the knot...AMEN! Thank goodness for a weekend free from wedding dresses, decisions, and diets!

Bessie Mae said...

Amen to no diets!!!