rise above plastic

After my last visit to Atlanta (which was far too long ago) I decided to make a little change in my life-no more Plastic Water Bottles. All thanks to the wonderful Tellus! Upon my arrival I noticed she was sipping water out of this fun & funky purple metal thingy. I asked her about it & she said that was her 'green thing'--no more plastic bottles, so she purchased a SIGG metal canteen like water bottle. I soon fell in line with the notion & in turn fell in love! I love my SIGG! Its light weight, unbreakable, and makes a statement. Every time I take my "Rise above Plastic" model out in public someone always approaches me about it. I always get the same response: "Cool, what a great idea!"Below are a few links where you can find the perfect SIGG for you:
It only takes 10-15 uses & they completely pay for themselves. A local friend has chosen the cloth napkin route as her "green thing"....I'm thinking reusable grocery bags is next on my list?! Ill keep you posted.

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