Old School

It looks ancient doesn't it!? Its cheap, its plastic, they fall apart all the time, have light leaks, and it doesn't even have a screen on the back to review taken pictures-no delete button! Oh my! The only reason this model has batteries is to operate the flash. This camera sounds practically prehistoric and useless...and its mine!! Ive had my Holga for about a month. I think I have taken some interesting pictures, but I wont really know until I finally find a place around these parts to get the film developed. Out of boredom one day I 'googled' black & white photography. I came across these really cool pictures with crazy shadowy borders, funky light streaks across them & colors that popped in the oddest of ways. I knew immediately that I wanted to take pictures like these. After an afternoon of Internet research I discovered that it was all in the camera....just point, click, done! Well, not exactly that easy....but I'm figuring it out. I think. I hope. My first roll might be all black & blank (like a few I read about). Regardless, its an adventure that I have decided to embark on. Keep your fingers crossed that something comes of it?! Cool Holga Images to follow....

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melissa said...

I have had my Holga for about two years now and love it. It does have light leaks but you need to take pictures on bright sunny days to get the best results. The only negative side about it, is that the film and getting it processed is a little expensive but worth it. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine.