If you are reading this then I deserve a round of applause! This means that I have finally sent out some much over due personal mail...geesh, stamps can be so freaking expensive. If you were oh so lucky enough to receive one of these greetings you should feel so special, and if you did should be glad you missed a showering of my sarcastic acclamation and be happy with the mere text message, email, phone call, or oh so distinguished facebook post you received for you birthday/anniversary/wedding/what not! Any who-Im in love with these cards! The only man in my life at the moment received the "if you werent gay..." card. The first time I read it I immediately felt hurled into the middle of some dazed conversation on life from the front of the Shell Hut. A few others fit so many of my friends perfectly, but it takes all the uniqueness out when you discover that someone else received the same card that you felt was so tailored to you & your relationship with the sender. Im just ranting now.....go to the 29Olives website & check things out. If you dont walk away from that with a little grin and sense of whimsy-go back to bed!

**this was written MONTHS ago!! I seriously have an issue with getting cards to their recipients in a timely manner-oops! Love you all!

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Stacy said...

Hi Bess! Was just checking our blog stats and saw that we have a couple of links from your site. It took me a while to figure out it was you. Love your blog. You go, girl. Thanks for linking to us! -Stacy