randomosity & happy weekend

Dudes....I do yard work now. It's unbearably hot. But when it's all said & done I want to do this {below image, from ThatKindOfWoman} in our yard!!! Random quotes above all seemed worth saving the days I stumbled across them. They all came from I Can Read. Hope everyone has a delightful weekend. Peace Out.


life update

where to even start?!

1. FINALLY finished moving out of the beach parentals. Very very very long & drawn out. I should have been given a deadline. Lovin the new place. Lots to do still. L.O.T.S. to do!

2. Might get a cat? Kitten? We have a little mouse issue in our storage shed out back. Lots of wooded areas near by. Hmmmm..... It would be an outside cat so technically that does not make me a Cat Lady. Right? RIGHT?!!!!!

3. Met a handsome, thoughtful guy recently. Trying not to freak out & run away.

4. Now that I wrote No. 3 I cant recall what No. 4 was going to be......




Ah-yes! 4. Looks like Ill be returning to the Ozarks soon for work. I hear it's really hot up there. SO ready to see it during the fall. The pictures look magical.

5. Annual Canoe Trip is just around the corner-yay!!!!!!!!

6. Little Sister is purchasing a house. Craziness. So excited for her. Not jealous like I thought I would be, haha.

7. Hope everyone has had as much fun as I have this Summer. Seriously. So. Much. Fun. Def making up for studying most of last Summer!


new blog crush

Etiquette for a Lady-great stuff! I feel like I know most of this from my Mother, Grandmothers, Etc....but I do love the spin she puts on some things. In this crazy world we girls just need a good reality check every now & again. I do believe this is a good place to start.



Nah-not moving yet! BUT....I did randomly go stare at all of my junk in the storage unit the other day taking stock of all of my things, my home that has just sat there unlived in since October. I miss my stuff. Started brainstorming. We will see if I make it to the October mark?

**UPDATE: I AM moving! Hahaa-wish granted huh?! More to come....**


happy weekend

Ive been lucky to make a few fun new friends this Summer. Doing a little exploring. I feel like I missed out on most of the last one due to a certain test I had to study for. Cheers to making up for lost time & Happy Weekend!

action shots

Melissa-why didn't I do this in college?! Now it's almost like you & Rob were with me. Even though he would have gotten freaked out & run outside, haha.


Hop on over to the Tracery Interiors Blog where we are hosting a little giveaway! I love all of the sweet sentimental memories & recipes our followers are leaving. Makes my heart happy.